McCaa Uncut: Sick of politics?



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Posted on February 26, 2010 at 8:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 14 at 2:14 PM

Tired of politics? So am I, and that's why it's the subject of this week's "Uncut" commentary.

Forget freedom of speech, I like to call it freedom to screech. That's what most politicians seem to want to practice these days.

Democrat, Republican, whatever - in many cases they're loud talkers who don't seem to stand for much of anything anymore,  except protecting their own party.

Conservatives like talking about Bill Clinton or John Edwards' character, but not Mark Sanford or Newt Gingrich. Liberals used to hammer President George Bush for refusing to close Guantanamo Bay. Now, with talk of trying the detainees in New York City,  they want a delay from President Barack Obama.

We're in financial trouble, but it's not their party's fault. Their opponents generated all this money mayhem. " If only we had listened to them," they say, which is usually the problem because we did. "Ahh," they claim, but that wasn't exactly their plan.

Or, they didn't get enough money or too many amendments were added on  or it was dismantled just as the effects were being noticed. Sound familiar? There are no answers, only accusations. We've heard it all  and from all sides.

And, forget any serious discussion of race, which the writer Roy Blount called "the serpent in the American garden."

No wonder kids don't know how to behave. Politicians have forgotten young people learn more from an example than from advice.

Politics is supposed to allow us to find common ground and move forward. That hasn't been the case lately. Principle, holding every man and woman to the same standard, should transcend all that. It is naive to believe that we should try to live by principle rather than politics. But, perhaps instead of lowering our principles as we seem to be doing lately, we should raise our politics - make it more than a game and at least try to do the right thing.

That should start soon.

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