News 8 profiles Fort Worth mayoral candidate Nicholas Zebrun



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Posted on May 9, 2011 at 8:25 PM

This is the fifth in a series of profiles of the candidates for Fort Worth mayor.

FORT WORTH — Nicholas Zebrun is by far the youngest and least experienced of five candidates for Fort Worth mayor. He makes no apology for that.

What are his goals? "Break the gridlock of this insular crowd that people feel have been controlling Fort Worth — the 'good old boy network — and get some fresh faces on there," he said.

Zebrun is a 27-year-old videographer and filmmaker. He says he primarily makes his living videotaping weddings, a small business he started after attending Tarrant County College.

"My own personal experience in preparing me is simply being a resident of the city who has stayed abreast of the issues... who has researched them and who is concerned about the next generation," he said.

Zebrun knows he's a long shot, but wants to be a legitimate candidate. So he attends the forums and often cites specifics in give-and-take with his more seasoned competitors.

"If experience counted for success, I don't think we'd be in the problems we're in," he said.

In addition to making films, Zebrun directs the choir at the Russian Orthodox church where his father is the priest.

He is also a history buff, and says he fully understands that history is against him.