Former Dallas JP ousted after court disturbance

Luis Sepulveda

Credit: WFAA

Former Justice of the Peace Luis Sepulveda is escorted from Tuesday's meeting of Dallas County Commissioners.




Posted on April 17, 2012 at 6:00 PM

DALLAS — A tangle over judicial turf turned confrontational at Dallas County Commissioners Court Tuesday morning.

When it was all over, a former judge got tossed from the chambers.

That ex-judge is former Justice of the Peace Luis Sepulveda. He had come before Commissioners to complain to them.

Unseated in 2010 by his opponent, Carlos Medrano (who was later convicted of election fraud), Sepulveda felt he should be reappointed to his old and officially vacant seat.

Problem one: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins informed Sepulveda as he tried to speak out of turn that he was not officially signed up to speak.

Problem two: The County Judge is in charge of this courtroom, and he wasted no time informing Sepulveda of that. Sheriff's deputies escorted Sepulveda out of the meeting after he refused to leave voluntarily.

Problem three: Sepulveda's old office is being run by visiting Justice of the Peace Sandra Ellis, whose precinct was dissolved recently due to redistricting. Judge Jenkins assigned her to cover the business of the court while Medrano’s conviction is being appealed.

If Commissioners were to suddenly appoint Sepulveda, "the result would be the taxpayers would be paying Sandra Ellis to sit at home and pay Mr. Sepulveda to do the job," Judge Jenkins explained.

While Sepulveda still argues he was cheated out of his old seat due to election fraud, and that he deserves his old seat back, he apparently understood the importance of being polite as he was being escorted out of the Commissioners' courtroom.

"Thank you Commissioners, thank you Commissioners, thank you Commissioners," Sepulveda said.