Election night blog: Dewhurst concedes; Cruz wins

Dewhurst concedes

Credit: WFAA

David Dewhurst thanks his supporters after conceding defeat to Ted Cruz.



Posted on July 31, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 1 at 3:15 AM

Here is a minute-by-minute account of what happened after the polls closed Tuesday evening, with information from WFAA reporters and the Associated Press.

10:27p Marc Veasey takes the stage to claim victory over Domingo Garcia in the Democratic runoff for U.S. House District 33. Garcia's campaign was dealing with a power outage as the music played on; then Garcia emerged to concede defeat.  With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Veasey maintained a 52-48 margin over Garcia. - Monika Diaz and Casey Norton reporting

9:44p Ted Cruz takes the podium to declare victory in the U.S. Senate Republican runoff race. "Wow!" he said. "When we started, they said this was impossible. We were at 2 percent in the polls and they said we couldn't do it. And you know what? They were right. But you could.... and you did." He added: "Tonight is a victory for the grass roots ... this is how elections are supposed to be decided, by 'We the people.'" Cruz also thanked Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rick Santorum, and Sarah Palin for their support. - WFAA.com

9:38p David Dewhurst appears before cheering supporters with his wife Tricia and other family members at his side. "This is not quite the way I envisoned the evening to start, especially in light of my conservative record and all of the things we've been able to accomplish in the state of Texas," he said. Dewhurst offered thanks to his supporters. He said he just got off the phone with Ted Cruz to offer him congratulations and support. - WFAA.com

9:35p Marc Veasey continues to lead the Democratic runoff for U.S. House District 33 with 54 percent of the vote with more than half of all precincts reporting. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

9:33p David Dewhurst has called Ted Cruz to concede defeat in their runoff race for the U.S. Senate Republican nomniation. Dewhurst is expected to address his backers momentarily. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:25p A doctor has been called for at the Ted Cruz campaign rally; it appears that someone in the crowd requires some medical attention. - WFAA.com

9:11p Marc Veasey's lead over Domingo Garcia grows to 57-43 percent in the Democratic runoff for U.S. House District 33. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

9:10p Supporters have been instructed to yell out "Choose Cruz!" when the candidate emerges to speak at his Houston election headquarters. - WFAA.com

9:05p Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer speaks at the podium before Ted Cruz appears: "I say to Washington, did you just feel those shock waves coming from Austin?" - WFAA.com

9:03p Ted Cruz now expected to address his supporters at 9:10 p.m. - WFAA.com

9:02p Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison congratulates Ted Cruz on his apparent victory in the U.S. Senate runoff, saying it's "more important than ever to have leaders focused on cutting spending and creating jobs." - WFAA.com

8:57p Republican Rep. Michael Burgess has offered his congratulations to Ted Cruz, who appears to be the winning candidate in his U.S. Senate runoff with David Dewhurst. "Ted led a tough fight and Texans have spoken – they want to send someone to Washington who will be a key voice and fight to defend our liberty," Burgess said in a written statement. "This is the first time in my memory that the United States senator has not been essentially ordained by Austin." - WFAA.com

8:51p Ted Cruz is now expected to speak to his supporters at 9 p.m. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

8:50p Domingo Garcia has arrived to a packed house at the Kessler Theater in Dallas. With 3 percent of precincts reporting, he trails Marc Veasey in the Democratic runoff for U.S. House District 33. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

8:31p The band is still playing at David Dewhurst headquarters in Houston, and some supporters appear to be oblivious to the results coming in that show opponent Ted Cruz in the lead. But early voting now represents nearly half of all ballots cast, and those totals clearly were leaning in Cruz' favor from the start. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

8:30p Ted Cruz was outspent 3-1 in his campaign to become the Republican U.S. Senate nominee, but his grass roots efforts appear to be paying off as the AP has declared him to be the winner over David Dewhurst. Were he to win in the fall election against Democratic challenger Paul Sadler, Cruz would become the first Latino senator from Texas. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

8:24p The Associated Press calls Ted Cruz the winner in his GOP U..S. Senate runoff against David Dewhurst.  The latest vote total gives Cruz 53 percent of the vote with 16 percent of precincts reporting. - AP

8:18p There's a packed house at Ted Cruz election headquarters in Houston -- 200 people and growing. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

8:13p Roger Williams declared the winner in the Republican runoff for U.S. House District 25 against opponent Wes Riddle. Williams had 60 percent of the vote with 17 percent of precincts reporting. - AP

8:11p Former Texas state lawmaker Paul Sadler has beaten political unknown Grady Yarbrough in a Democratic runoff to capture a U.S. Senate nomination. Sadler is an attorney who served in the Texas House from 1991 to 2003. He advances to the November election to replace retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. - AP

8:08p Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman wins the Republican nomination to retain his seat in a challenge by Greg Parker. With 8 percent of precincts reporting, Smitherman was leading 62 to 38 percent. - AP

8:06p The Associated Press declares Christi Craddick the winner in her Republican runoff race for Place 1 on the Texas Railroad Commission. With 8 percent of votes in, Craddick was leading challenger Warren Chisum 60 to 40 percent. - AP

8:03p Ted Cruz was reported to be "excited" as staffers read results from different counties. Early returns show him in the lead over David Dewhurst. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:56p "This was always going to be about an Obama-hating contest. It was about  who was maddest, who was angry, who was going to go to Washington and kick desks over in the Senate and make the biggest noise against Barack Obama, that's what Republicans wanted. In the middle of the summer, the people who vote on July 31 are the people who are realy mad or really motivated. What happened here? David Dewhurst started out angry at Obama, but all of a sudden about four months ago he started getting mad at Ted Cruz, and people started paying more attention to Ted Cruz. He got support from Ron Paul voters, from religious right voters, and most of all from tea party voters, and tea party voters with a lot of money came in, put a lot of organization behind him -- sophisticated organization -- able to lift him to victory in the Republican nomination." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram political columnist Bud Kennedy

7:56p With only early voting returns tallied in the Democratic runoff for U.S. House District 33, Marc Veasey is leading Domingo Garcia 54-46 percent. - WFAA.com

7:51p There's a long line at the bar here at Ted Cruz campaign headquarters; his supporters could be gearing up for a celebration. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:50p With 3 percent of precincts reporting in the Democratic runoff for U.S. Senate, Paul Sadler has a 62-38 percent margin over challenger Grady Yarbrough. - WFAA.com

7:46p What we can't see is late week early voting trending into Election Day. Also, rural counties went big for David Dewhurst in the May 29 Republican U.S. Senate primary, and early voting returns from those areas are slow to come in tonight. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

7:45p It's interesting to note that Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott all declined to endorse a candidate in the U.S. Senate runoff between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst. - Gloria Campos reporting from Dallas

7:42p An enthusiastic crowd is growing at the Ted Cruz election headquarters in Houston. Early results continue to give Cruz eht edge over David Dewhurst. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:40p With 215 of 7.957 precincts reporting in the GOP U.S. Senate runoff, Ted Cruz has 54 percent of the vote. - Jason Whtely reporting from Houston

7:36p One race to watch is the State Board of Education District 12 runoff between Republican candidates Tincy Miller and Gail Spurlock. Miller is trying to win back the seat on the board she held for 26 years after the incumbent failed to make the runoff. With just one precinct reporting, Miller holds a 60-40 margin over Spurlock. - Gloria Campos reporting from Dallas

7:35p It's looking to be a big night for the tea party Republicans so far. Ted Cruz has a sizeable lead in the Republican U.S. Senate runoff , but it's still early. John McCaa reporting from Dallas

7:31p GOP Senate candidate Ted Cruz has 52 percent of the vote; David Dewhurst has 47 percent with 168 of 7,957 precincts reporting. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:25p Ted Cruz is watching the returns with his family and campaign staff at a Houston hotel. - Jason Whitely in Houston

7:21p Just like the May 29 primary, Harris County (Houston) elections have yet to deliver any returns. - Brad Watson in Houston

7:19p Ted Cruz has 51.5 percent of the vote; David Dewhurst has 48.4 percent with 50 precincts out of of 7,957 reporting. - Jason Whitely in Houston

7:07p It's looking bad for GOP Senate candidate David Dewhurst in critical North Texas. Collin County goes strong for opponent Ted Cruz 60-40 in early voting results. - Brad Watson in Houston