Tapes surface in case of Jakadrien Turner



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Posted on February 4, 2012 at 12:50 AM

DALLAS - Jail phone calls have surfaced questioning the story of 15-year-old Jakadrien Turner.

The tapes were apparently leaked to the Associated Press, a day after she told her story to a national audience.

In her calls, the teenager never tells anyone her real identity. Her attorney, Ray Jackson, says the calls were maliciously leaked, are being taken out of context and don't prove anything.
In an interview earlier this week, News 8 asked Jakadrien, "Did you try to tell them you were Jakadrien Turner?"

She said, "Multiple times, yes. They [told] me to shut up and they're not listening."
However, the Associated Press claims to have obtained phone calls from jail and an ICE holding facility in Houston in which she maintains she is Tika Cortez. They report a federal source authenticated the calls.

In 25 calls, Jakadrien allegedly discusses renewing her green card and having her passport and Colombian identification card sent to authorities, but never complains about going to Colombia, only about her safety there.
"So this is what scares me though," she says. "If I get deported, basically I don't know how I am going to go to Colombia, because it's a war zone."
Jackson said the calls are with friends she met on the streets of Houston.

"In no way do any statements made by Jakadrien to non-officials absolve the government of its responsibility to insure that it's not deporting children, even those who may have lied," Jackson said.
Before being deported, Jakadrien was arrested for theft. Her Houston attorney told the Associated Press during pre-trial proceedings, she was told about the possibility of deportation.
"There was ample opportunity for her to change her story," William Rene McLellan said. "It's mind-boggling she would go with it."

But she didn't say a word. Jakadrien maintains she tried to tell the truth, but no one was listening.
"He came in and said, 'Ms. Cortez, you are going home the next day,'" Jakadrien told us. "That's what I was looking at and focusing on. He never asked if I was a Colombian citizen or any of those things."

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