Dallas officials to discuss Katy Trail safety following jogger's death




Posted on October 5, 2010 at 11:03 AM

DALLAS - Safety on the Katy Trail is at the heart of a planned meeting this weekend with Dallas City officials.

It comes in the wake of an accident last week that killed a 28-year-old jogger. The Friends of the Katy Trail have been trying to get the word out about what a great urban oasis the trail is.

Now they find themselves with a predicament. The trail has become so popular, they are reminding people you have to be aware of those around you at all times.

Lauren Huddleston died Sunday of a head injury she suffered while running on the trail last Thursday evening.

A cyclist had slammed into her and knocked her to the ground. The reality of it all is still sinking in for those who are fans of the trail.

“We are in a crowded situation, so we have to watch out for one another,” said Molly Keebler. “I think it is a really sad thing that happened and it could have been anyone.”

“We don’t wear ear plugs, so we can hear people who are passing us,” said Curtis Medford. “You have to be aware of everybody and everybody has to take other people into consideration.”

He added that peak hours on the Katy Trail is like Central Expressway in rush hour.

Friends of the Katy Trail advise users to keep to the right; announce “passing on the left,” always look both ways before moving across the trail, and maintain a safe speed and remain in control at all times.

They say if you are using headphones, then keep the volume low, keep pets on a short leash and watch children carefully.

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