The strategy behind all those 'one-day only' deals




Posted on November 26, 2012 at 11:26 PM

DALLAS -- E-mail inboxes across America were full Monday, with stores trying to lure in shoppers with one Cyber Monday deal after another.

Experts say retailers have a strategy: to stay top of mind during the shopping season.

They want to reel shoppers in with a steal, because retailers have figured out Americans love a good deal, and often remember where they find one.

"Sometimes [stores] will make a little bit of money off those [Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals], sometimes break even or even have a little loss on some of those items, but the retailer is in your mind for the rest of the entire season," said Dr. Elten Briggs, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Texas at Arlington.

But shoppers admit this is a season that can mess with their minds.

"You feel like you're missing something all the time!" admitted Tamela Thompson of Joshua, who was shopping in Arlington Monday night.

She said she's often questioning whether she's found the best deal, in the best store, on the best day.

Briggs said sales get shoppers excited.

"There is oftentimes a release to have this opportunity to buy during this season," Briggs explained. "After doing all my saving - when I feel like I'm getting a sale - I feel like I'm not really being, let's say, 'bad.'"

There will be more days to be "good," he says. While he believes Black Friday and Cyber Monday did offer some deals that won't be repeated, he does believe shoppers will find discounts all season. On Monday, some stores slashed their entire inventory.

"There are some items that have hefty margins, and retailers do have the space to discount it that much. Other items are truly just really, really good deals. The retailers know which items those are," he said with a laugh, "and consumers don't."