Uncut: David Brown's departure from DPD

News 8's John McCaa shares his thoughts.

It was just days ago that City Hall balked at David Brown's request for 500 more officers as soon as possible and more pay for the entire department.
Protest leaders called him arrogant.
Even officers, on more than one occasion, demanded his dismissal.
He has not been perfect, but considering the unique trials we've all been through lately, David Brown has been the ideal person for the job.
A Dallas-born chief who growing up seeing crack cocaine ravage his neighborhoods.
An up-through-the-ranks chief who knows first-hand what it's like to lose a partner, with the loss of his own partner Walter Williams in 1988.
A chief who understands crime first-hand both as a victim, following the Phoenix murder of his brother, and as a relative of someone who gunned down a police officer.
None of it made much sense, until the horrors of July 7, when the one man in this city with experience from every perspective calmly made the decision to end an unprecedented threat.
No, David Brown's tenure has not been perfect. But he has been the right man at the right time.
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