Grandma's amazing survival story after two days in ravine

WICHITA FALLS – This is a story of "Amazing Grace."

Wanda Mobley once was lost. Now she's found — after spending two days and nights with her wrecked car in a rural Texas ravine.

"So I went back to the car. Said, 'Lord, if you're going take me, take me now. If not, just soon. Get me out of here soon,'" Mobley said Tuesday from her hospital room in Wichita Falls.

The arms of this 75-year-old grandmother are bandaged; her forehead is discolored. She has a fractured bone in her back, but said she feels good.

Mobley's car veered off Highway 183 near the town of Seymour in Baylor County. She was headed to a family reunion in Oklahoma Friday morning when an animal on the pavement caused her to swerve.

She said she could hear cars nearby, but wasn't strong enough to climb out. She was strong enough to use the rear-view mirror to hammer a hole in the cracked windshield.

"I'd curl up, put my head down, and sleep," Mobley said, adding that she never cried and never panicked.

Mobley was disoriented. She lived off two bottles of Sprite and a nearby pool of water.

"Took my shirt off and dipped it into water and sucked it out," she said. "That night, I had no strength to get back into the car."

She tried calling 911, but said she couldn't get cell service. Then, her phone died.

Her family spent Saturday between law enforcement and AT&T trying to get her last cell tower location. It got them to within 50 miles.

"It was very hard to get anyone to help us," said her granddaughter, Lacey Finley.

She didn't blame authorities, but said the criteria for Silver Alerts should be changed. Officials said they couldn't issue one because Mobley was of sound mind, with no medical issues.

The family was also frustrated that it took them so long to get a cell tower location. They had no idea what route she was taking to McAlester, Oklahoma.

"We didn't know what we would find," said Wes Finley, Lacey's husband. Somehow, Wes spotted the car Sunday morning about 100 yards off the road. He was drawn to the site because a sign on a curve had been knocked over.

Wanda Mobley laughed as she retold the story of seeing Wes walk into the ravine. "I heard someone hollering, 'Mamaw! Mamaw! Are you alive?'"

She said focusing on her kids and grandkids got her through the ordeal.

"Never, at any time, did I give up hope that I would be saved," she said. "I knew somebody was going to find me... I just didn't know when."


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