Drought hits towns hard; days from being without water

GORDON, Texas -- In the small town of Gordon, there is no hiding from the inevitable.

There is even a sign that cautions residents about the 30 days before the city runs out of water.

"It's scary," said Judy Handsford, a councilwoman from the nearby town of Mingus.

Just days from losing a precious resource, towns like Mingus, Gordon, and Strawn have some difficult decisions to make.

"You take water for granted," Handsford said.

Connect the dots and you'll see why the towns an hour's drive from Fort Worth are hurting. Mingus gets its water from Gordon, and the town of Gordon draws its water from Lake CB Long.

Nowadays, the lake looks more like a pasture. People say it is at 10 percent capacity, but even that was hard to find.

Jeff Brown, whose family owns land here, remembers seeing lush green on the ground, but not anymore. He, like many other residents here, are facing the ticking clock, too.

"It was like 60 days [of water remaining] thirty days ago… but I can't really say [how close we are to running out,]" Brown said.

The towns of Mingus and Gordon have applied for state grants through the Department of Agriculture for underground pipelines, and was awarded them. But the mayor of Mingus worries the project to finish the 6-inch pipeline stretching five miles long may not finish in time.

"Normally, you consider it a limitless commodity, but it really isn't -- especially out here in the west," Brown said.

The contingency plan is for the town of Mingus to draw water from the city of Strawn. That would be a 2-inch line that would run a much shorter distance.

"It all depends on Him up there and rain," Judy said, pointing to the sky.

The mayor of Mingus said everyone is in a wait-and-see mode. He said they are in the process of putting out bids to contractors to build the pipeline.


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