Texas grandma survives 48 hours in ravine

WICHITA FALLS — At age 75, Wanda Mobley has experienced a lot.

But the past 72 hours have been an adventure she never quite expected after her Chevy sedan sped off an embankment and left the grandmother stranded, injured, and alone in a ravine.

"I crawled on my hands and knees back to the car," Mobley told News 8 on Monday. "At first I kicked out the window to get out and walk, but it was too hard."

Her family said Mobley was headed to a reunion in Oklahoma on Friday morning when she swerved to avoid hitting an animal on Highway 183 near Seymour.

"Then, it looks like she was off the embankment and down the ravine," said granddaughter Amanda Russ.

Family members realized on Friday night the woman never made it to Oklahoma. They launched a frantic search effort, complete with social media postings and actual posters with their grandmother's photo.

While her family searched, Mobley said she was trying to keep her wits about her as she battled high temperatures and an ailing back.

"I had some Sprite in the car. That was the only thing I had, so I drank those," she said.

Eventually, she also used a shirt to get some water.

Early Sunday morning, the family was able to pinpoint her location after local authorities helped them track a "ping" from Mobley's cell phone.

When her grandson finally started yelling her name and making his way down the ravine, Mobley said her prayers were answered.

"I said, 'Your voice is the voice of an angel!'"

Mobley was airlifted to a hospital in Wichita Falls, where she is recovering with bruises and a fractured lower back. She is expected to fully recover.


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