Fort Worth Council OKs sewer line through nature refuge



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Posted on March 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 5 at 10:33 PM

FORT WORTH — A sewer line that will cut underneath part of a popular park and Lake Worth in the Fort Worth Nature Center Refuge is getting a mixed reception from area residents.

The line would extend through Love Circle Park off Jacksboro Highway and then under the lake to the Lake Worth side.

The Fort Worth City Council approved the project in a 7-0 vote on Tuesday night. Mayor Betsy Price and Council member C.M. Scarth were not present for the vote.

"Putting in a sewer line in the lake, it doesn't make any sense," said Carol Burleson. "I wish they would just clean up the lake and leave it alone."

Some other residents who talked to WFAA were also concerned about having sewage flowing underneath the lake.

Some trees would also be cut down for the project.

But folks like Harry Adamson say they think the city's proposal has been carefully reviewed for any negative impact.

"I like the area the way it is, but I want to be on sewer," Adamson said.

David Creek, the city's assistant director of the parks department, said the line is being proposed as a way to eventually do just that.

"The need is to get the people in that area off septic," he said. "This is definitely the best way to do that."

Plans are for the line to be buried between three to 10 feet deep, depending on where it is on the route. When it would go into service has not yet been decided.

Creek is confident the proposal will have a minimal impact on the area.

City documents indicate construction could extend into the summer of 2014.