Mansfield teen's missing drone leads to neighborhood dispute



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Posted on March 27, 2014 at 11:27 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 27 at 11:40 PM

MANSFIELD -- Chris Shephard knows it’s somewhere. On Thursday, he went door to door handing out "missing" flyers and looking for his remote-controlled quad-copter.

“We’re not sure exactly where it fell,” he said.

Shepard has been looking for it since Sunday when he and his friends were flying it near a grass field of a nearby church.

“All of sudden, it just started spinning out of control and fell into a backyard,” Shephard said.

A neighbor saw the lost flier on her doorstep.

“Instead of a cute little puppy, it was a picture of this drone,” said the neighbor, who did not want her name revealed.

The teenage aspiring filmmaker learned really quickly that his camera-carrying drone had aroused a lot of suspicion about possible spying.

“One or two people haven’t been too thrilled,” Shephard said, as he pointed to several text messages he received after sending out fliers with his personal information on them.

One text message read: “I cannot imagine what business you have doing this, but yes... I AM BOTHERED... Perving in backyards. Shame on you." News 8 spoke to the neighbor who sent the message Thursday.

“When I grew up, privacy was something very precious,” the neighbor said. She said she later felt bad about sending those texts, but hopes the message was still received.

“I apologized to his son, but we kinda had to agree that there’s some gray area that has to be addressed,” she said.

Shepard hopes his $3,000 quad-copter - which he bought with his own money - turns up. He’s now learned to stay away from homes, because getting the perfect shot isn’t worth getting all this grief.

“I can understand why people would be frightened, but I’m definitely not using it that way,” he said.

Shepard does ask if you find his drone, you contact him at this email address: