Fort Worth officers kill pit bulls that attacked 45-year-old man




Posted on December 3, 2013 at 2:27 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 3 at 6:55 PM

3315 N. Crump Street

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A police officer shot and killed three pit bull mixes early Tuesday morning that bit a 45-year-old man in north Fort Worth with such force that he had to be hospitalized. 

Department spokeswoman Tracey Knight said officers were dispatched at 12:18 a.m. following reports that “three dogs were attacking a male” in the 3300 block of N. Crump Street. One caller, Knight said, told the dispatcher that a “dog is killing" the man.  

Upon arrival, the officer heard screaming and saw three dogs attacking Ignacio Mesa while he was on the ground. 

“He was no longer able to defend himself due to the severe injuries he sustained during the attack,” Knight said.

Mesa's 26-year-old daughter was kneeling next to her father. She was also bitten and could not help fend them off. Knight said the officer shot at the dogs, hitting them an undetermined amount of times. 

They initially scattered away from the wounded man, but then the dogs charged the officer. The policeman fired again and killed them. Knight said animal control employees took the bodies to test for rabies. 

Meanwhile, officers used tactical medical kits on the man to stave off the blood flowing from the “severe bite wounds.” Both the man and his daughter were taken to a nearby hospital ––Mesa is in serious condition with wounds to his face, hands and arms.

The three attacking dogs were killed. Mesa's dog, a brown and white boxer mix named Angelica, remains missing Tuesday night. 

After interviewing witnesses, police learned that the father and his two adult daughters were looking for their missing dog when they found him being attacked by two others. When the father intervened, Knight said the dogs turned their attention to him. 

Witness George Torres said he tried to come out to help but was driven back inside by one of the dogs.

Fort Worth officers have yet to find who owned the attacking dogs. 

News 8's Jim Douglas contributed to this report