Family counts Christmas blessings in Arlington motel room



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Posted on December 26, 2012 at 1:30 AM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 26 at 2:43 AM

ARLINGTON — You know the motel.

It's $40 a night. Might be called the "Delux Inn" or the "Road Warrior" or the "Budget."

Places where most of the guests are celebrating survival instead of Christmas.

So why is a room at one Arlington motel decorated with a bough on the rail and a bow on the door?

Reggie Gee will tell you why.

"I thought I'd do it as a family thing," he said.

His family includes his children Bradley and Aaniyah and their two dogs, Jazzy and Zoe. They didn't expect to be here for Christmas when they moved in last June.

"Lost my job. Didn't have anywhere to go," Gee said. "And I'd been out here before."

Since then, Gee found work as a security guard at Cowboys games. He earned enough to buy Christmas watches for the kids and a holiday necklace for each.

That's not much by some standards. But it is for this family.

"Each year is a blessing for me, and I know it's a blessing for them for how far we done came," Gee said. "Not having a house. Not having a car. Don't know how they're going to make it to school."

Just before the end of school last year, Bradley got beaten up and was hospitalized for two weeks.

Last week, Reggie Gee had a car accident. Nobody hurt; another blessing.

So what did he get for Christmas? "The happiness of seeing them open their presents and get their gifts," Gee said. "That's all the really matters. I don't ask for much. I do what I can. Happiness. That's what I can say I got. Happiness."