Man who stole remains seen in Arlington, police issue alert



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Posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:50 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 27 at 8:00 AM

ARLINGTON –– Arlington police have issued an alert to businesses near where a man who was arrested in 2010 for digging up a grave and stealing a foot has been spotted. 

Daniel Wayne Staley was released from a Fort Worth homeless shelter a week ago.

Now his family and police fear he will hurt someone based on what he's written in journals.

Arlington police say they have information that Staley is somewhere near the University of Texas at Arlington campus. They issued an alert to students, faculty and staff on Friday.  

Authorities say they are concerned because Staley’s family says he’s dangerous when he’s not on his medications. They say he's been in and out of mental hospitals and jails since he was 10 years old after he threatened to kill his family.     

Most recently, he was in a hospital in Wichita Falls for the incident involving the corpse, but he was released because by law he could only be kept there a certain amount of time.

His writings are troubling. He talks about admiring Jeffery Dahmer and about wanting to kill people. He also writes about torturing animals.  

News 8 talked to him just after his release last week and asked him why he dug up a corpse.

Staley answered, “I wanted a whole one but I couldn't uncover the whole casket, so I couldn't get it out.” When asked why, Staley said "I don’t know, it’s a real fetish of mine, I guess.” 

Staley also says he enjoys killing cats and dogs and watching them die.

His father told News 8 he's afraid his son will kill someone. He was supposed to stay at a homeless shelter in Fort Worth –– but now he appears to be in Arlington.  

The police department says they issued the internal alert out of an abundance of caution.