Arlington ISD parents prepare to brave low temps for transfer chance



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Posted on February 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 25 at 7:15 PM

ARLINGTON -- Parents in Arlington ISD began camping out Monday morning, hoping to secure a space for their kids at the school of their choice.

Tents and RVs are slowly filling parts of a parking lot outside the school district's headquarters. Several parents waited in line Monday morning for a permit to be able to camp out at the building.

Victor Zuniga set up a large tent on the grass near the east side parking lot. He and his wife plan to camp there for the next week, so their daughter can go to a select junior high school.

"When you don't feel comfortable in one school, you probably can't give it 100 percent, like you really need," Mr. Zuniga said.

Alex Seal, another parent, planned to sleep in the family van.

"I'm just going to put an [air mattress] in there and camp out here, and my wife will come from time to time to help out," Seal said. "I'm going to camp out all week." 

While some might call what these parents are doing "extreme," Seal believes it's necessary.

"You have to do it for your kids and their future," he said.

Still, their efforts are merely for a chance to obtain a school transfer -- there is no guarantee. To the dozens of parents who plan to camp out, it's a chance worth taking.

The camping permit costs $50 and transfer fee is $65. The district is also allowing parents with children outside the district to transfer for a tuition fee.

Parents will learn about their enrollment requests around the start of the school year in August. A waiting list for some school will also be maintained. For information about transfers to Arlington schools, check this link.