Crumbling road concerns Fort Worth neighborhood

FORT WORTH — Fort Worth's near south side is bursting with new apartments and businesses... and one of its roads appears to be bursting, too.

"It keeps breaking down," said neighbor Jim Scott.

The street in question is College Avenue, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Broadway Avenue, and it almost looks like the road here is hemorrhaging. It appears something is pushing up from underneath, creating mounds of crumbling asphalt.

And for a road that bustles with buses, trucks and traffic, it's making for a treacherous and ugly drive.

"Part of the road sinks; part of the road buckles up like a wave that's about to break where you see some above and some below," Scott said.

He has lived here for nine months, and in that time, Scott and others say the road has gotten worse, despite city repair crews coming out numerous times.

"They come in, lay some asphalt down for the first few weeks, it looks pretty good... then it just breaks down again," he said.

We tried Monday to meet with the City of Fort Worth to find out what is going on. While they never provided us with an on-camera interview, a spokeswoman told us over the phone they're aware the road is "failing."

The spokeswoman explained that when a developer was building new townhomes here, the city had to improve the sewer lines below ground — and that is now somehow causing the road problems.

Another city employee called it a "trench failure." The spokeswoman said the city is working with the developer on a fix.

"Yes, I'm very disappointed obviously," Jim Scott said. "You'd like the roads to be working and structured well wherever you live."

But after months of these conditions, no one is holding their breath as they wait for a final fix.

It is unclear how long it will take to make permanent repairs... or who is footing the bill.


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