Shooting victim's family reacts to officer's indictment

Former officer indicted in deadly shooting

Candles, pictures, and bibles are all part of a shrine Jose Cruz’ family keeps in their apartment.

“I will never take it down, ever,” Cruz’s mother, Anna Enriquez, said.

The family and community activist Carlos Quintanilla have been working with Addison Police and the district attorney's office since Cruz was shot and killed in March by former Farmer’s Branch police officer Ken Johnson. Johnson was not on duty.

“She’s never said, ‘I hate police officers’ [or] ‘I’m against police officers,’” Quintanilla said. “We’ve always said we are against one police officer, and that’s Ken Johnson, who committed murder of Jose Cruz.”

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Johnson for murder Friday. It’s the first time since the 70s that’s happened.

“For us it’s a very special day because we are getting justice,” Cruz’s grandmother, Norma Ochoa, told News 8.

The family said they are grateful to the work the Addison Police Department and D.A. did on the case. They presented more than a thousand pages of evidence and called dozens of witnesses.

Part of the most compelling evidence was a video showing Johnson ramming Cruz’s vehicle after chasing it down Marsh Lane into Addison.

He says Cruz and his passenger Edgar Arevalo broke into his truck so he chased them.  Quintanilla says there is also a picture of Johnson pointing his gun at the teens.

“He’s a killer who killed my son,” Enriquez said.

The family and Quintanilla said they always had faith the justice system would work.

"Also what is important is the tenacity of the family to demand justice and do it in a respectful manner without violence, without threats, without offending other police officers or critical of the justice system.” Quintanilla said.

The family gathered around Cruz’s grave Friday afternoon. They said they went to pray and give thanks to God. They say Cruz can now rest in peace. 

Johnson's attorney, Robert Rogers issued a statement:

"An indictment was a predetermined formality once Addison quickly and prematurely decided to arrest Ken. At trial we are expect to prove that Ken was a victim of a crime and his actions were justified.”

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