Springtown police find no drug ties to fatal crash



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Posted on July 17, 2012 at 6:04 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 1 at 1:49 PM

SPRINGTOWN —  Springtown police dashcam video shows rescuers arriving about 11:15 Monday night at the scene of a high-speed crash.

The left front of the car was demolished after hitting a steel pole set deep in concrete.

Nearby workers heard the engine racing just before the crash.

Two teens in the vehicle survived, but it was too late to help the young driver, 17-year-old Paige Davila.

She attended Paradise High School, where sad friends gathered to mourn on Tuesday.

"If I ever needed anyone to talk to, she was there, and she put a smile on my face," said Haley Vickers. "A really good friend."

Paige made jewelry for her friends, who wore the bracelets and earrings in her honor on Tuesday.

"She was really nice and caring," added Callie Watson.

While kids grieve, investigators dig.

The car's speedometer is pegged at 85 mph. Evidence shows the crash began when the driver plowed into a 50 mph speed limit sign and went out of control.

Springtown police Chief Ed Crowdis said a small bag of cocaine was found at the scene, just outside the driver's door. *UPDATE 7/31/12: Toxicology tests later showed Davila had no drugs in her system.*

Inside the car, police recovered an open package of a substance called "Diablo." Police said it's a type of synthetic marijuana sometimes called K-2 that has been tied to bizarre behavior. Texas has banned K-2.

"It was purchased less than an hour before the crash at the Easy Smoke shop," said Chief Crowdis. Investigators found a receipt in the car.

A worker at the shop said he was sold out of Diablo. The manager told us it's legal to sell, and that it is not K-2. He said it is incense, not intended to be smoked or consumed.

Statement from attorney representing Easy's Smoke Shop

"The situation is under investigation. However, preliminary reports indicate that employees of Easy's Smoke Shop followed all of their policies and procedures.  Easy's Smoke Shop only sells products that are legal to sell in the State of Texas, and sells its products in full compliance with state law. Easy's Smoke Shop is fully cooperating with law enforcement and is confident that it will be found to have followed all laws and regulations in this case. 

Easy's Smoke Shop sends its regards to the family and friends of the person killed in this unfortunate tragedy."


STORY UPDATE (07/31/12): Drugs do not appear to have been a factor in the crash. News 8 has learned that toxicology tests on Paige Davila came back negative.

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