Wednesday's Child: Raul

15 year old Raul needs a forever family

Today's Wednesday's Child has been in foster care for 10 years. During that time, he's been placed in 21 different foster homes.

How anyone can survive such instability is mind boggling, yet Raul has done it with grace. He's an unbreakable spirit.

Age 15, Raul is a happy teenager.

"I'm pretty fun to be around," he said.

Raul is also adventurous. At I FLY Indoor Skydiving in Frisco, Raul got to soar just like he's done in his personal life despite the abuse and neglect he suffered as a toddler.

Since then, Raul has moved from foster home to foster home.

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"About 20 or so, more than that probably," he said.

It's been 21 foster homes to be exact. Raul first came in to care at the age of 5.

"It's pretty tough," he said. "I really miss my brother."

In 2008, Raul was separated from his older brother, who was later adopted. He taught Raul how to draw.

"Like when I draw I express my feelings. It's just something I do to calm down," he said.

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Raul has done very well at school, where he recently joined JROTC. He's learning a lot about discipline, something his current foster dad has taught him. He's also shown Raul love.

"It's not called a foster home," Raul said. "We're basically called a family in there."

Raul said he's witnessed a lot of good and bad in the 21 foster homes where he's lived. Raul feels safe currently and knows it's preparing him for his forever family.

He wants a loving mom and a dad to hang out with.

"Probably a dad, like if I go outside he could toss the ball with me," he said.

With his restless imagination, Raul hopes to one day become and architect.

Right now, though, the only picture Raul envisions is a family who will love him for who he is, a sweet, well-mannered young man who wants a second chance to have a family.

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