Colorado police: Branded TCU student was willing participant



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Posted on February 18, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 19 at 12:30 AM

FORT WORTH -- There's a new development in the case of an off-campus branding incident that injured a TCU student.

Police in Colorado say no criminal charges will be filed in the case that left Amon Carter IV with second and third degree burns.

The branding happened over Christmas break in a Breckenridge, Colorado home rented by more than a dozen TCU fraternity and sorority members.

Carter, a sophomore who goes by the name "Chance," told investigators he was shocked to wake up and find his backside mutilated with multiple second and third degree burns. He admits he consented to have one line burned into his skin to complete a previous brand of a Greek symbol.

Carter told investigators he could not remember exactly what happened.

Breckenridge police said they examined seven video clips from that night and multiple photos shot by students looking on.

According to documents obtained by News 8, investigators concluded Thursday that Carter was a willing participant and that no crime was committed.

About a dozen students gave police written statements, all saying the same thing in pretty much the same way: Carter asked to be branded, he was awake when it happened, and he continued to party and dance afterward.

Attorney Jerry Loftin is one of two lawyers representing Carter. He previously told News 8, "Hazing is a criminal act. It is a crime to haze. The fact that you say I have consent is no defense."

Loftin says the lack of criminal charges has no impact on possible civil lawsuits.

Meanwhile, TCU also continues to investigate whether the episode violated university rules, even though the incident did not happen on campus.