Fort Worth mayor back at work after bicycle spill

Betsy Price

Credit: WFAA

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, one arm in a sling, holds the bicycle helmet that may have saved her from a serious head injury in a weekend crash.



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Posted on June 20, 2012 at 5:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 20 at 5:53 PM

FORT WORTH — Mayor Betsy Price met reporters outside Fort Worth City Hall Wednesday afternoon to show that she's OK after taking a spill on her bicycle over the weekend — but that her bicycle helmet didn't fare as well. It's cracked.

"I still have a little blurred vision, but they said that would go away in a few days," she said with her arm still in a sling. "Other than that, I'm good to go."

Mayor Price is still suffering with headaches from a concussion, but she believes her helmet saved her from more serious head injury when she wrecked on her bicycle Saturday.

"It rang my bell enough as it was," she said. "Without that helmet on it really would have been trouble."

The impact knocked Price out and cracked her collarbone. It also fractured her personalized mayor's helmet.

The avid cyclist hit a rut and went down on the Trinity Trails near Beach Street and Interstate 30. Price's husband called 911. She jokes now about why he remained so calm — even though she was unconscious for a minute or two.

"My husband says, 'She's perfectly fine. She's been hard-headed the whole 40 years we've been married,'" Price said with a laugh.

The mayor said doctors told her the vision problems should disappear in a few days, but it will take four to sis weeks for her collarbone to heal.

She can't stand the thought of being off a bike that long. The mayor rides about 100 miles a week during the summer.

Something else she can't stand: Tearing her Spandex. "One little spot. As pricey as those shorts are, that hurts," she chuckled.