News 8 Back-To-School Memories: John McCaa

Being military brats, my sister and I changed schools a lot.

I went from kindergarten to third in Nebraska, fourth to the first half of sixth in Spain, the second half of sixth through ninth in Nebraska, and high school in Spain. My poor sister had to switch high schools her senior year. However, we loved every minute of it. We traveled and met a lot of interesting people.

As for my son, well: What a difference one summer makes.

I remember dropping him off for the last day of sixth grade in Arlington. I kissed him on the forehead and told him junior high was going to be quite different from elementary school. He rolled his eyes and said, 'I know.' Little did I know how well he knew.

The first day of seventh grade, I drove him to school. When we got to within two blocks of the campus, he saw some of his friends in the distance, and asked if I could just drop him off down the street, so he could walk up to meet them alone (Obviously, no kiss on the forehead wanted). Big change indeed!


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