News 8 Back-To-School Memories: Jenny Doren

Let's be honest: Most kids cheer when school lets out for summer.

Then, there was me. I would cry.

That final bell signaled a break up that I thought (in all my childhood innocence) I simply couldn't bear. I loved learning. My teachers felt like family. How could I possibly go three months without them? Impossible!

It was the same drill on my last day of class every year. My parents would spend hours, if not days, nursing their weeping daughter back to sanity. It's true. I've always had a flair for the dramatic! :)

There was one teacher, however, I couldn't wait to run away from one who, when I came running up to her with a preschooler emergency, turned me away. And no, I'm not being over-dramatic. Let's just say nature came calling. She told me to wait.

Writing this is therapy 25 years later.

It was time for 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' -- my favorite. I excitedly grabbed my 'magic carpet' to stand on for song-time when I got that feeling. I knew my class would have to put the pause on our fun so I could take care of business.

I scurried over to my head teacher and told her it was time to go. I literally had to go. She told me 'hold it' until the song was over. I begged. She didn't budge, and sent me back to my four-foot cutout carpet.

I got through raising my arms to my head. I dipped them down to my shoulders with success, but when we hit 'knees,' an accident - of what felt like epic proportion - couldn't be stopped.

I squatted down and a nice, warm puddle drowned out the 'magic' from my carpet.

I was terrified. My face was burning with embarrassment. My leggings were soaked. I was frozen in horror. Decades later, and I still get upset thinking about it, the one and only time I ever peed my pants.

Not kidding -- I just checked with my parents.

My teacher scooped me up and plopped me on the potty. Til this day, I hope she learned her lesson. Sometimes kids aren't taken seriously, but when they say 'gotta go,' go!

May my story serve as a reminder this school year: Don't forget to send your littlest ones off with a backup pair of clothes!


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