Drones spotted hovering over Dallas building implosion

Drones were spotted hovering over the building implosion in Dallas on Sunday, and their pilots may not have known the danger they caused. Marie Saavedra reports.

DALLAS — From on the ground and overhead, our team of WFAA photojournalists had every angle of the former Xerox building implosion covered Sunday morning. But we weren't the only one's working for the best view.

A close look at some video of the implosion from HD Chopper 8 shows at least four drones capturing images of the moment the building fell.

Two are seen with flashing green lights on the left side of the picture. The third, in faint white, is spotted floating somewhere between them. And as the debris cloud grew, we spotted a fourth that was swallowed by the dust flying straight up and out of it.

While the drone operators may have loved being in the action, we talked with Dallas Police and Firefighters on scene who were not happy to see drones in the sky. Aviation expert Denny Kelly agrees, they shouldn't have been that close.

"A lot of these people who are flying drones don't understand the kind of dangers they could impose regardless of the size," said Kelly.

He cites the concern that a drone could fly in the path of a helicopter that may be flying over the scene, or that a drone could get caught in the middle of whatever it's trying to capture, from dropping too far into a situation, or getting caught in the debris from something like an implosion.

Video from at least one drone filming the implosion pop up on YouTube. The user, 'Gregory from Texas,' writes that he used a thousand dollar quad-copter to shoot his video.

Finding him and the other drone operators could be difficult for law enforcement interested in speaking with pilots, and the challenge of keeping them grounded will likely only grow for local authorities.


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