Crazy marathon costumes help family fund adoption



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Posted on April 8, 2014 at 10:17 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 8 at 11:20 PM

LITTLE ELM — Leopard print gloves and a tutu aren't the ideal wardrobe for a marathon, but Jonathan Jordan wasn't running to win.

"Another guy who was running asked if I lost a bet," he said.

The unique costume was Jordan's idea — a fundraiser to help him and his wife Christa adopt their first child.

"We raised a little over $6,500," Christa said.

People pledged money to get Jonathan to wear whatever they wanted in a marathon. The funds paid for the last-minute flights to Japan to adopt their son, Kai.

"There are so many other things you have to worry about,” Jordan explained. “Taking care of him... where are the diapers in Tokyo? The last thing you want to worry about is how many dollars are in the account right now."

Jordan was supposed to run in the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon on December 14, but ice caused organizers to cancel it.

When Fort Worth’s Cowtown Marathon came up, the Jordans got a call from their adoption agency to go pick up their six-month-old son in Japan.

"I just walked over and rubbed his little back and he raised his head and just gave me the biggest smile,” Christa said. “It melted my heart. I knew... just knew... that's our son."

"That $6,500 was absolutely essential in us being together," Jonathan added.

Last weekend, Jonathan Jordan finally got to run the Irving Marathon.

After three stops to change in and out of different outfits, he crossed the finish line wearing scrubs, sombrero shades and a fake mustache — a creative way to start a family.