Door-busting Olympian Quinn gets SWAT training in Denton



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Posted on March 19, 2014 at 4:50 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 19 at 6:07 PM

DENTON — Olympian Johnny Quinn says he never imagined punching his way out of a bathroom in Sochi, Russia would open the door to SWAT team training.

Last month, the Team USA Olympic Bobsled pusher found him trapped inside his hotel Sochi bathroom.

Quinn then broke his way through the door, before leaving his mark on social media.

He sent out a tweet with a picture of what was left of the door with the caption, “With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out.”

Denton police were among the thousands who saw the tweet. They invited him to train with their SWAT officers; an offer they were surprised he accepted.

“It’s a lot of fun," Quinn said Wednesday morning. "It’s pretty interesting to have a battering ram and breach a door instead of using your fist -- that was a pretty neat part."

Denton SWAT instructors walked Quinn through the proper way to breach a door using various battering rams.

The day didn’t end there. After getting familiar with a handgun and AR-15, Quinn worked his way through an obstacle course.

“I am very impressed with their training, and these guys are the real heroes,” Quinn said. “To come out here with the guys that serve and protect us, it’s been a humbling experience.”

Quinn said he was overwhelmed by the response from what started as a strange situation. He said since returning to the United States, he was selected as a competitor on the game show American Ninja Warrior.