Denton town square parking redesign has patrons looking backwards



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Posted on February 8, 2013 at 7:54 PM

DENTON -- Denton’s town square has become a popular spot after years of revitalization. However, downtown’s popularity has created a parking shortage.

To solve the problem, the city is redesigning some parking on East Hickory Street. It will require drivers to back into spaces at an angle.

It’s an idea that some people are easing into, but are fully backing just yet.

“That’s going to be a funny experiment, yeah," said local resident Daniel Zeigler. “An experiment in seeing how people pay attention to each other.”

“At least coming out would be easy. Getting in will be hard,” said Nelda Evarts, as she unloaded her dry cleaning with her back facing traffic and cars zooming by.

That's a hazard Denton City Councilman Kevin Roden said would be eliminated by backing into spaces. It would create more spaces and would be safer overall.

“Because now you can pull out and you can see oncoming traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians, and whatnot,” Roden said.

Nearly 100 new parking spaces would be created as a result.

Some people had concerns about the skill it takes to maneuver into a parking spot backward.

“I do think men back [in] better,” Gary Sparks said.

Evarts said she just thinks some people have naturally-better depth perception and it has nothing to do with gender.

“Maybe women are more forward minded, and men don’t mind going back and forth a little bit," Zeigler said with a laugh.

The city hopes to begin construction this summer.