Carrollton murder-for-hire suspect freed on bond; new details emerge




Posted on September 10, 2012 at 8:46 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 11 at 11:47 AM

John Franklin Howard, the man jailed in connection with a murder-for-hire plot involving his wife, was freed Monday on a $1 million bond.

Nancy Howard was shot in the face during an August 18 attack in the driveway of her Carrollton home. She is expected to recover from her injuries.

Court documents allege that John Howard, 52, spent more than $100,000 attempting to enlist others who would kill his wife. Howard faces a charge of attempted capital murder.

In an affidavit dated September 9, Nancy Howard said the shooting resulted in the loss of her left eye and left her with limited use of her her right arm and hand. She also revealed additional information about her estranged husband.

"On or about August 25, 2012, my husband confessed to a 3 year long affair with a woman in California. At the bail hearing on September 7 it was revealed that my husband had purchased a home for her valued at $800,000, a condo at Lake Tahoe of undetermined value and had assisted her with a single payment of $500,000 and additional payments to her and her daughter for assistance with college."

Nancy Howard also stated that John Howard owns several "shadow" companies and may be in control of more than $32 million. She asked that the court immediately freeze all of his accounts.

Nancy Howard, who is seeking a divorce,  has been granted a protective order and a temporary restraining order  from the "clear and present danger of family violence," according to court documents.

In a divorce document, Mrs. Howard lists "discord or conflict of personalities" as well as adultery as grounds. 

"The decision to file for divorce does not express a conviction of my husband's guilt in the     manner of criminal solicitation, but is the required response to my husband's infidelity and deception where our joint finances are concerned."  

John Howard was fitted with an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts and  has been ordered to appear at a hearing on September 18.