Survivor of murder-for-hire plot says faith saved her life

CARROLLTON — Nancy Howard says it's a miracle she's alive today.

"The fact that the bullet entered here, it didn't get the jugular vein, the heart," she said as she pointed to her eye, where she was struck by a bullet shot by a hit man hired by her ex-husband.

Her 911 call captured the seconds after she was shot.

"Help me, help me," she pleaded with the dispatcher.

Howard said she prayed for her life.

"Lord, Jesus help me," she continued on the call. "Oh my God help me."

She begged the 911 operator to stay on the line.

"And when you're fighting for your life, you don't want to die alone," she said.

Howard lost her eye and the bullet is still lodged in her lung. She said it was her faith that saved her.

"I lean on his word to guide me," she said. "I lean on his word to comfort me."

Howard said her faith is also what allowed her to forgive her ex-husband, who wanted her dead so he could be with his new lover.

"It has been a process," she said. "Forgiveness is a process. It's trusting the Lord to take care of the consequences."

And while many look at her as a pillar of strength, there were many moments of weakness.

"While it may sound like right now, 'Oh golly, she never had a bad day,'" she said. "Don't get me wrong ... there were many, many bad days."

But, on those days, she listened to uplifting music and continued to pray for peace in her heart.

While Frank Howard will be in prison for life, Mrs. Howard has started a new one. She plans to work as a nanny and continue to tell her story of survival and hope to others.


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