North Texans rally to #BringBackOurGirls



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Posted on May 11, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Updated Sunday, May 11 at 11:08 PM

DALLAS — Almost one month after hundreds of Nigerian school girls were kidnapped, demonstrators calling for their return have reached North Texas.

On Mother's Day, there were moms in the crowd who gathered outside Dallas City Hall. They skipped the usual brunch and cards and flowers, opting instead to rally to try and "Bring Back Our Girls."

"I knew that it was going to be really hard for me to be sitting at home on Mother’s Day enjoying my family when all those mothers are waiting to hear something about the fate of their daughters," said Rachel Roberts-Pickett with Sister Works, Inc. She helped organize the event.

"I knew it was not possible for me to sit back and do nothing," she said.

There were several similar rallies across the country demanding action to reunite families.

On April 15, terror organization Boko Haram abducted around 300 girls from their school in Nigeria. Its leader has said he intends to sell them into marriages and sex slavery.

"We needed to stand up and say this is a humanitarian crisis that everyone should care about," one speaker at the rally said.

The issue is rapidly gaining recognition through the exploding Twitter hashtag #bringbackourgirls, and through sermons like the one at The Potter’s House this Sunday.

"I believe our babies can get away from all of this foolishness that’s going on around them," said Serita Jakes.

She and others in North Texas are calling for prayers and government intervention. It’s the least they can do from an ocean away.

"It’s time to take action," Roberts-Pickett said. "We need to bring those girls back by any means necessary."