Sit down with David: Should Texas schools spend on security or teachers?



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Posted on December 21, 2012 at 9:00 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 21 at 9:18 PM

DALLAS -- There are more than 8,000 public schools in Texas. Assigning an armed police officer to each one, as the NRA called for on Friday, could cost more than $400 million.

But should Texas spend that money on armed officers or more teachers? What’s best for Texas?

We asked a few people outside the Dallas Public Library in Lakewood.

"Teachers,” said Amy Schisler of Dallas.

It's a question that comes out of a forceful demand Friday from Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association.

"I call on Congress today, to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation," he said.

Good idea?

"You go into a school and there's some guy with a gun. They're there to protect you, just in case. So that leaves you on edge at any given time, you know," said Reggie Harris of Dallas. "I feel sad for the kids that they have to live like this."

"The education system has a lot more pressing problems that need to be fixed,” Krista Kay of Dallas said. "Some school, way out in the country, isn't going to need that necessarily. So why make the taxpayers pay for that?"

"If someone wants to get in, they'll get in," said Amy Schisler of Dallas. "I'm not sure one security guard is going to make a difference that we can assure that no child will ever die from gun violence."