'Lady of the Lake' haunts White Rock



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Posted on October 30, 2012 at 5:48 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 30 at 10:52 PM

Since your children may be dressed as ghouls and goblins on Wednesday night, we thought we'd give you a little something extra to think about on Halloween — a classic North Texas ghost story.

If, like Kevin Gageman, you've lived near White Rock Lake for a long time, it's likely you know the legend.

"The Lady in the Lake? It's a story. No one's actually proven that it happened,” said Hageman as he walked around the lake on Tuesday.


Ask local Lakewood fixture Jeff Snoyer, who owns the Highland Park Cafeteria, what’s at the heart of the story, and he'll tell you.

"A distraught bride who drowned in the lake," he said.

Legend has it, long ago, a couple in a Model T saw a woman in a white dress approach. According to Snoyer, the couple said, "We'd like to give you a ride wherever you need to go."

And they did.

But when the couple arrived at their destination, a home on Swiss Avenue, they looked in the back seat and the woman had vanished.

Spookier still, a relative at the door told them they were the third couple who'd been by, telling the same tale.

"That's the story,” Snoyer said.

And it's all true.

Or true-ish.

Or, possibly, just entertaining.

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