Dallas motorist shot in road rage incident




Posted on January 27, 2013 at 9:15 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 29 at 4:37 PM

Road rage shooting

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DALLAS — A Dallas man has a bullet lodged in his shoulder after an act of road rage.

Eric Gonzalez had stopped at the intersection of Westmoreland and Camp Wisdom roads at 12:45 a.m. Sunday. His mother said he was on the way to pick up his girlfriend from work when he crossed paths with a enraged driver.

According to Dallas police, the 25-year-old motorist heard a gunshot... then felt a piercing sting in his right shoulder.

"'Why did they do this? Why did they try to hurt me?'" his mother quoted him as saying. "'I don't even know them... were they trying to kill me?'"

The irritated gunman sped away, and Gonzalez drove a mile before stopping at a fast food restaurant, where his girlfriend called 911.

Gonzalez told investigators thick fog prevented him from clearly seeing his assailant, or the vehicle's make and color. The wounded man said the irritated driver yelled "Stay in your lane! Stay in your lane!" before opening fire.

Gonzalez' mother, who did not wish to be further identified, said her son yelled back, completely ignoring everything she had ever taught him.

"I've told Eric, if you're driving and someone is yelling at you, ignore them! Get away!," she said.

Gonzalez, who has a criminal record, told his mother he did nothing wrong. But she's just happy he's alive and in fair condition at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, where doctors were now preparing to remove the bullet from his shoulder.

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