Dallas police building bridges in Southwest Dallas



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Posted on November 3, 2012 at 6:06 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 3 at 6:31 PM

DALLAS — Dallas police and community volunteers are going door-to-door in the southwest area of Dallas. Why?

"Trying to get a feel for what are the problems... the root of the problems, so we can provide our services," explained Deputy Chief Gilberto Garza.

It's an area where more than 200 serious crimes were committed last year. But police say 70 percent of residents are hesitant to call them, so officers are reaching out to them.

"They don't call. They just want to be left alone," Chief Garza said. "They aren't asking for too much."

Irma Beltran said she sees crimes all the time, but is afraid to call police. She wouldn't have said anything if they hadn't shown up on her doorstep.

"That’s the truth," Beltran said. "I wouldn't have called."

She said she's glad police are taking the time to try and lower crime in her neighborhood. "We need more patrols, so we can feel safe," Beltran said. "It is great what they are doing."

Police said they’ll take the information they gathered on Saturday and will begin looking for trouble-makers.

"Is it a neighbor or someone they may know? Is it a person that is involved in a gang?" Chief Garza asked.

Dallas police said one of the best crime fighting tools they still have is simply beating the streets and gathering information.

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