Counter-terrorism expert teaches how to detect danger before it reaches campus




Posted on January 10, 2013 at 11:38 PM

DALLAS -- There's some secrecy surrounding a new approach to campus security at a private North Dallas school.

The instructor, Avi, is a former Israeli soldier who doesn't want his last name revealed. The school doesn't want to be identified, and neither do parents taking Avi's class.

"We teach you how to see a suspect before he comes here," he told the parents Thursday night.

"If you get it in your veins, in your understanding, it's not so hard," he said.

Avi runs MAYDAY Preemptive Counter Terrorism Strategies, an international firm that has worked with governments and corporations across the world. He believe schools should have gates on campus to limit entry, portals visitors must pass through, and doors that can be locked with a remote control. However he said what's more important is for a threat to be identified before it comes on campus.

He said most all shooters case their location, and exhibit the same suspicious behavior.

"People sweat, get upset, people move around, people cross the street back and forth, people are watching you," he said, "and nobody wakes up and Googles 'school' and goes shooting. They know the place, were in the place, are related to the place, or drove by two times to see the place."

He said he is not teaching parents to profile based on someone's race, religion, color, or sex, but on their behavior.

"We don't care who you are, we care what you do," he said. "And we teach you how to sense it. We teach you how to look to the left, [but] see the right."

The parents will now volunteer around campus, acting as a sort of student body guard. Some students may be trained soon, too.

"Kids are the best detectives," Avi said.

It's a strong belief that heightened senses and skilled eyes could be a school's best ammunition.