Coppell football wins in emotional game after two students die in a week




Posted on October 20, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Updated Saturday, Oct 20 at 1:57 PM

COPPELL -- It was a sea of blue; a celebration of solidarity.

"I feel more spirit here, more God here than ever," said Jordan Logan.

The Coppell Cowboys were honoring the lives of two classmates -- Jordan's brother, Jacob Logan, and Jonah Blackwell.

The No. 21 was in on every play, the number emblazoned on he helmets of every teammate of Jacob Logan's. The star receiver and safety died last Sunday at Possum Kingdom Lake when he jumped into the lake with a friend, but didn't resurface.

There were sideline chants of Jonah Blackwell's name, led by the school's spirit squad, the Silver Spurs. Blackwell, who committed suicide on Tuesday, was one of the Silver Spurs.

Both Logan and Blackwell played a big part in Friday night football.

"Every time we score a touchdown  we're doing 21 push ups, and since Jonah was a Silver Spur - one of us - we have one [Silver Spur] right here, then a space for Jonah, and then everybody else," said Silver Spur Austin Flores. "So it's like he's doing the push ups with us."

Jacob's family along the sideline said they wouldn't miss this game or any other. Jordan Logan wore her big brother's jersey to midfield to serve as captain for the coin toss.

"We're going to be Coppell Cowboys forever!" said Jacob's father, Howard Logan.

Funeral plans for Jacob were finalized Friday, just one day after his body was found. Mr. Logan said he dealt with the loss, but felt comfort after seeing a tweet from his son that now hangs on the family's front door. It reads, "Jobs, sports and people will fail you. God will not. He is a righteous savior that has not and will never fail you."

"Once I saw that tweet, I was really at peace," Howard Logan said. "Real comfortable with where he was. I know where he is and I know what he's doing right now."

And at just that moment, the Coppell Cowboys scored a touchdown, on their way to a 27-18 win over Flower Mound.

And if only for a few hours, for the students inside the stadium, there was a return to the way high school life should be.