Suspect who ran over Dallas officer is in US illegally

DALLAS — Senior Cpl. Ed Lujan remains hospitalized with severe injuries from his head to his toes. The veteran Dallas police officer nearly died Monday morning when he was run over outside a Dallas nightclub.

News 8 has learned that the suspect — Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios — shouldn't have been in the U.S. He habitually dodges Border Patrol.

"I think this is an example of why we are so concerned about securing the border," said Dallas County Republican Party chairman Wade Emmert.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to News 8 that Gonzalez-Rios has been deported three times. He was first caught in November 2004 near Harlingen, Texas. He was deported back to Mexico the same day.

In May 2005, he was caught again near Harlingen and again deported the same day.

Then — in September 2011 — he was apprehended in Kansas City, Missouri, and deported a few days later.

"It's unfortunate that this had to happen to the detective," Emmert said. "It's also unfortunate that the system is so broken that it allows one to continue to come through our porous borders, and there are really no ramifications."

In court documents obtained by WFAA, Gonzalez-Rios admitted to being in the U.S. illegally after being caught near Harlingen. "When confronted with the findings, the defendant admitted to being a citizen of Mexico and to having been born in Mexico," the document said.

The last time Gonzalez-Rios was deported was four years ago. There is no way to tell when and where he again entered the U.S.

"Who knows how long he has been here? Who knows how many times he has come back and forth across the border?" Emmert said.

There is no record of Gonzalez-Rios having been arrested for a crime until Monday morning, when police said he intentionally backed up over Senior Cpl. Lujan in an attempt to flee from authorities... perhaps to avoid being deported again.

Gonzalez-Rios was shot in the arm and is in the hospital. No bond has been set. ICE does plan to issue a hold once he is transported to the jail. But first he will stand trial in Dallas, and — if convicted — will serve prison time before he's ever deported again.


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