South Dallas teen making Ivy League dreams a reality

DALLAS – A high school student from a South Dallas is reaching for the stars in more ways than one.

If Quentin Neroes, a Conrad High School senior, keeps up his remarkable academic journey, he'll make his ultimate dreams come true in just a few years.

Climbing the stairs to success is about focus. Neroes, 18, said his dedication to his studies is helping him climb pretty high.

"My family has always been telling me to never limit myself -- to always go for my dreams and never stop," Neroes said.

The teenage science enthusiast said he uses books to escape some of the real-life circumstances in his South Dallas community.

"My neighborhood is not one of the greatest neighborhoods in the world," he explained.

Neroes is the student council president, class valedictorian, and he studies the dead languages.

"I have dreams of being an astrophysicist," Neroes said. "With the help of my advisor for college, Hazel Moreno, I was able to get accepted to Harvard."

Dallas ISD is known for the gifted students at its magnet schools. However, Neroes is the first student this year from a non-magnet school to be offered early admission to Harvard University.

Neroes still hasn't yet committed to that Ivy League university.

"I'm waiting on some of the other top schools in the country that would be a good fit for me, as well as Harvard," he said.

The aspiring scientist said he is still waiting to hear from Princeton, Yale, and other schools.

"I'm going to be an astrophysicist," he told us.

Neroes credits Conrad high School's Academic Success Program for pushing him and his peers to think big. Most Conrad High School students were limiting college applications to in-state schools.

Counselor Hazel Moreno is changing that.

"By letting them know the different resources that are available to them, it really has helped change the college-going culture here," she said.

That changing culture is working in Quentin Neroes' favor. The graduating senior says his message to other students aiming to climb high is, "Never lose the determination that drives you to do what you want to do."


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