Opponents sign petition against Trinity tollway project

DALLAS – The City of Dallas now has a petition signed by more than 150 residents against the proposed Trinity Parkway Toll Road project.

One of those signatures comes from local business owner Christina Garcia of Red Star Bicycles. He is so committed to the future of the Trinity River Corridor, he started his dream business a few blocks away.

"It's getting better everyday, it's growing, it's changing, this part of Dallas," he said. "Of course, a project like this is going to minimize all that."

Garcia has signed a petition opposing a toll road along the Trinity River.

Back in 1998, Dallas voters approved a $246-million project to redevelop green space and a build a new highway. 17 years later, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is championing the divisive project. Wednesday, he announced a team of twelve urban designers drafted a plan for the area to be unveiled next week.

"Look, it's very simple. Is traffic worse or better?" Rawlings said Wednesday. "OK, do we believe that traffic is going to get worse or better in the future?"

Earlier this month, the Federal Highway Administration gave the city the green light to move forward on a six-lane tollway.

Erik Dolliver with the Texas Public Interest Research Group has gathered more than 150 signatures opposing the road's construction.

"The traffic that it is going to alleviate is very minimal," Dolliver said. "Our study and the NTTA's study has shown no more than a seven-percent increase in travel time over the next twenty years."

He claims it's too big, too costly, and isn't what voters signed off on.

"To make Mayor Rawlings see that is our biggest goal here," Dolliver said. "And what he needs to understand is that this is not what his constituents want."

Dolliver took those signatures to the mayor's office Thursday and Garcia's name is on that list.

"I don't see a good reason so far to build a tollway," he said.

A toll road doesn't fit his vision for the Trinity River Corridor, and he says it doesn't fit the vision that was pitched to voters so many years ago.


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