McKinney pastor puts spotlight on Lance Armstrong




Posted on January 20, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Updated Sunday, Jan 20 at 11:03 PM

McKINNEY — Relevant, relational and reaching out.

That's the core mission of Living Life Church of McKinney, and the biblical passage used in Sunday's message mirrors comments you'd find on social media.

“We are using Lance [Armstrong] as a catalyst," said Senior Pastor Abe Smith. “He’s a small part of a message we were already gonna preach."

Smith, who admits to being an avid cyclist and a supporter of Armstrong’s former charity Livestrong, used the controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong's doping confession to reveal life's purpose.

He says parishioners can learn a lot from Lance.

“I think the beauty of seeing Lance is that we see part of ourselves in him," Pastor Smith said. “Lance didn't have it all together, just like we don't have it all together."

The clergyman said the Bible is clear about the perils of success, especially when you cheat to gain victory. The timely sermon drew first-time visitors, like Jacqueline Shannon.

“We wanted to see what it was all about”, she said.

Nancy Nevels applauded the pastor for mixing current events with the age-old truths of the Ten Commandments. It proves to her that they never go out of style.

“Anything we can relate scripturally to what's going on in today's world, I think it’s important," said Nevels, also a first-time visitor to Living Life Church. “It draws everybody's attention to what's important to the world."

Jeff Shannon used the sermon to reflect on biblical Scriptures. “When we fall, how do we stand up?” he asked. “That's a mark of a man or a woman, how you react, and we have God in your life and how to lead you."