Heirloom ornaments gone in six minutes




Posted on December 4, 2012 at 7:10 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 4 at 7:14 PM

FRISCO — It took just six minutes for a Frisco grandmother to lose years of family history. Hundreds of nostalgic Christmas ornaments spanning several generations vanished in an instant.

Donna Eastep is hoping to get them back.

To her, each one symbolizes a cherished family memory. "One tub had my kids, my mother and daddy's and my brother’s ornaments," she said. "They all passed away. So these things can't be replaced."

Eastep was driving on Preston Road when the light turned green at Eldorado Parkway. Her tailgate flung open and all those memories packed in three big plastic bins slid out of the truck bed onto Preston Road.

But Eastep didn't know they fell out until a driver caught up with her truck to tell her.

She turned around and immediately returned to the intersection; it only took six minutes.

But the ornaments had disappeared.

"It just broke my heart," Eastep said. "I have cried and worried about it."

All the ornaments were gone — including the ones homemade by her children and grandchildren. "Those can't be replaced because they made them in the third and fourth grade," Eastep said.

She estimates the value of her lost ornaments at $8,000.

Eastep had scores of Hallmark ornaments; others were from overseas. She salvaged a few family treasures that didn't fall out of the truck, including Christmas stockings for each member of the family.

Now, she is hoping that whoever picked up the ornaments wants to find their rightful owner. She's willing to pay a reward if they're returned.

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