Lawyer demands independent probe in Dhawan case

It is a tragic story that has captivated much of North Texas. Frisco mom Pallavi Dhawan — accused by police of killing her son Arnav in January — was found dead in the family's home last week along with her husband, Sumeet.

Five days after the discovery, Dhawan family attorney David Finn is talking. He was already frustrated with the way Frisco police handled Arnav's case.

"Frisco hopes that people just lose interest and forget about this," Finn said. "Don't allow it, and demand transparent justice."

Finn will not talk about what happened in the Dhawan home last week. He said he doesn't know, and has not talked with police. But he is asking for an independent investigation by the Texas Rangers.

Frisco police told News 8 on Friday that the Rangers are already assisting, and Assistant Chief Darren Stevens said it's all about transparency.

But Finn argues this "check their homework" arrangement is not justice for Arnav.

Frisco stands by its investigation. Deputy Chief David Shilson said on Friday that the seven-month delay to bring the case to the district attorney happened while processing evidence, and even said Finn was given restricted access to detectives.

"We could not talk to [the Dhawans]; we could not ask them questions to put together the timeline," Shilson said.

Finn said that's not true. "They could have interviewed Sumeet a hundred times if they wanted; they never asked," the attorney said.

Details of a note found inside the Dhawan home have not been released. Frisco police told News 8 it is still being analyzed.

"The note needs to be made public," Finn said. "They shouldn't be able to hide that under the rug and pretend that it didn't happen. The public deserves to know."

This week would have been significant for the Dhawans. Pallavi had been scheduled to take a lie detector test.

The couple had also hoped to go to their native India for a religious service to properly honor their son, but Pallavi was not able to get her passport.

"Judge Becker declined," Finn said. "I'm somewhat haunted by that decision, because it deeply affected Pallavi and Sumeet."


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