Doctor says prep for cool temperatures in White Rock Marathon



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Posted on December 1, 2011 at 10:06 PM

DALLAS - Director of Sports Care at Baylor Dr. Scott Quinby will run the White Rock Marathon Sunday, but not necessarily for fun.

He'll run for work, as part of a relay of Baylor doctors.

"If someone goes down during the race, we can radio in exactly where we are and quickly get them help, because time is of the essence," Quinby said.

And with cooler temperatures in the forecast, medical teams are tweaking their supply list.

"We're going to have a lot more people with hypothermia needing to be warmed up," Quinby said.

That's where blankets, towels, and what's called a 'bear hug' comes in.

"It forces warm air into a specialized tube, and it holds air inside the blanket around a patient who is cold," said Baylor Health Care Systems spokesman Chad Canterbury.

Dr. Quinby says the gear you wear on Sunday is important. If it drizzles, rain gear can be problematic.

"They're going to be containing more of their moisture, but they'll still be breathing hard," Quinby said. "[When] one side is telling your body to warm up, the other side is telling it it's too cold, it creates a hard dynamic."

The other catch: most runners trained in mild temperatures.

So to run in the cold, he says will take as much mental endurance, as it will physical.