Weather blog: Snow system moves out of North Texas



Posted on February 23, 2010 at 8:58 AM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 7 at 5:47 PM

10:03 p.m.: Temperatures will drop below freezing overnight, and that's a concern in areas of North Texas that saw snowfall on Tuesday. "A lot of that water is going to freeze, and there will be some icy roadways tomorrow morning south of Fort Worth and Dallas," said WFAA Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus. He said there will be a clearing trend overnight, with warmer temperatures during the day. But Delkus added there is more rain in the forecast for Friday and again on Sunday and Monday. - Staff

5:20 p.m.: News 8 Weather Team volunteers helped document Tuesday's snowfall. Stuart Chilton in Stephenville reported 4 inches of accumulation; Barney Leach in Fairfield measured 3.5 inches; Tim Gaines said the total snow in Weatherford was 2 inches, and Wesley Juricek in Ennis measured 1.5 inches. But the official National Weather Service reporting station at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport observed just a trace of snow.  - Pete Delkus, chief meteorologist

5:01 p.m.: Snow has now tapered off in North Texas as the storm system moves to the south and east, WFAA Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus said. While some parts of the Channel 8 viewing area saw barely a flurry, snow was accumulating to the south of Dallas-Fort Worth. Ennis got a white layer, but it's not expected to stick around for long. Further south, in Killeen, visibility was low for drivers who couldn't stay home on Tuesay. To the west, in Weatherford,  the streets were slick and dangerous, and temperatures are forecast to fall below freezing overnight. "That means problems tomorrow morning," Delkus said. - staff

12:02 p.m.: The snow has been falling steadily throughout the morning and early afternoon here in Ennis. It hasn't been cold enough for the snow to stick to the roads, but it has been accumulating on grassy areas. Unlike the previous snowstorm, North Texas has mostly seen a light dusting of snow. We did see one wreck where a woman said she hit a patch of snow and hit an 18 wheeler. While her car needed to be towed, the driver of both vehicles were okay. Other than that, the roads have appeared mostly been clear and officers have worked relatively few accidents. The concern here is that the slushy mix on bridges and overpasses will freeze as temperatures drop. - WFAA's Jonathan Betz / Ennis

12 p.m.: While the snow has been light around the metro area, there has been an inch or so of snow in southern Dallas County in Duncanville, DeSoto and those areas. The heavier snow showers will be south of Dallas and Fort Worth. The snow has been coming down pretty heavy in Killeen. In those areas south of Dallas, they could see anywhere between three to maybe even five inches of snow. - WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields

9:52 a.m. The snow is coming down once again. It is light, but as we go into the later afternoon, we could have some accumulated snowfall, and it could make the roads a little slushy. Fort Worth and Benbrook are going to have some heavier showers coming down. The snow ill continue until at least midday before it tapers off. - WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields

8:35 a.m. Still some light snow falling across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It has picked up a little bit over the southern portions of North Texas. - WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields

8:25 a.m. The light snow has really tapered off in Dallas and Tarrant counties. There are some flurries in the Saginaw area, and a light snow in Dallas. It has picked up a little bit just south, heading down into Ellis and Johnson counties. It is still a bit of a wintry mix out in Waco and Fairfield. But, as we have talked about all morning, that is expected to turn to all snow. We do anticipate heavier snowfall totals south of Dallas-Fort Worth. The snow doesn't look like it will be enough to cause severe road troubles, but there still may be some small issues out there to deal with on the roads. - WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields

7:39 a.m. Just as Greg predicted, we have started to see snow fall during our rush hour commute at the High Five. The snow is not sticking, but it has started to steadily fall. TxDOT said they do not really anticipate any problems until about midday. - WFAA's Cynthia Vega / Dallas

7:10 a.m. Well, we do have some 90 or so flights canceled this morning. Those cancellations are spread out across the airport and across the entire morning and into the early afternoon hours. The airlines have decided to reduce their schedules in anticipation of the snow we had in the forecast. Since about 4:30 a.m., we have been de-icing planes, and we will continue to provide the facilities to do that. What that is going to do is slow down departures throughout the morning. There are a couple of different fluids that can be used to de-ice planes. One of them is used to remove snow and ice that has accumulated if it is already there. A different de-icing fluid, more of an anti-icing fluid, is used in a case like this morning where we are seeing a bit of snow fall. That will prevent any new snow from accumulating on the wings or fuselage for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. That should give them plenty of time to get them on the runaway and takeoff. - Dave Magana / D/FW Airport

7:09 a.m. The snow has finally started to fall in Fort Worth. Within the last couple of minutes, a really light snow has started falling. It is yet to stick to the ground. Still, TxDOT has prepped for a wintry mix on the roads. They have 35 sand trucks on standby. - WFAA's Jonathan Betz / Fort Worth

7:05 a.m. Snow has been falling in Weatherford since about 5 a.m., and around 6 a.m. it became a heavier snow fall. However, the snow really started to lighten up just in the last few minutes. There is about a half inch of snow that has accumulated on the ground. But, we're really not getting anything that would cause any problems on the road. We did hear from one driver that the road is getting a little slick between here and Mineral Wells. - WFAA's Jim Douglas / Weatherford

7:01 a.m. There is a light snow falling across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. While things my be slushy around the time schools are released, the snow will likely be tapering off at that time, with probably a few flurries left over. North Texas will continue to be under a winter storm advisory until 9 p.m. Snow fall totals may reach anywhere from half an inch to one inch, and could reach up to five inches south of Dallas-Fort Worth in the Waco Brownsville area. - WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields

6:04 a.m. It's been snowing in Parker County for about an hour now. Just in the last ten minutes or so it has actually turned into real snowflakes and starting to stick a little bit on some surfaces. However, while the roadways are damp, nothing has been sticking to them. TxDOT trucks have been circulating and putting down sand. Any other winter this might be more impressive. But, considering what we have been through so far, this isn't really causing any problems. - WFAA's Jim Douglas / Weatherford