Victims recount hit-and-run driver striking them



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Posted on September 14, 2012 at 10:38 PM

DALLAS - A hit-and-run driver struck two women on Thursday night as one of their husbands watched from their disabled vehicle in horror.

"That person got off the road, went in the grass and hit us, got back on the highway and kept on going," said Marteen Reed, a victim.

The incident happened on the Highway 67 exit ramp to Cockrell Hill Road on Thursday evening. An approaching Duncanville police car captured the crime with its dash-mounted camera.

"I just saw the lights coming our way, and I thought it was going to hit the truck," said Reed, 31.

"I'm looking at her eyes look that way, and she said, 'Oh, no!' and I said, 'What?' And I turned and looked that way, and I didn't even see it," recalled Reed's husband, Gregory White. "Whatever it was, it already hit them."

"The first thing that came to my mind was, 'RUN!'" Reed said. "Next thing I know, I was on my back looking up in the sky and I just heard my husband screaming."

"I thought I lost her," White said, pausing. "I thought I lost my wife, man."

The chain of events started a couple hours earlier when White picked up his wife and her co-worker from the Target Distribution Center in Midlothian. As they traveled north on Highway 67, another motorist drove alongside them and motioned that White's SUV had a flat tire.

He exited and called an auto mechanic to change the tire. An hour or so later, they continued their drive home when the SUV began shaking violently.

White said he exited Highway 67 again, this time at Cockrell Hill Road, and stopped on the exit ramp where he saw the lug nuts had come off the tire that was just replaced. He didn't move the vehicle, fearing the wheel would fall off and disable it altogether.

White said he called his cousin for help and Reed said an exiting car evidently reported their broken-down vehicle to Duncanville police.

Gregory said he stayed in the driver's seat while his wife and her co-worker got out and stood in the grassy shoulder of the road where the driver eventually struck them.

The police car video of the crime was recorded from a distance, but shows a broken-down SUV with its hazard lights flashing.

An exiting vehicle behind the SUV brakes, then swerves left. That's when it apparently struck the two women, though it's not visible on the video.

But the driver of the vehicle does not stop to see what he or she hit. The car keeps driving down the embankment and back onto the main lanes of Highway 67.

"I'm sad, angry," said White, 45. "I just won't get any peace of mind until this person is caught."

Reed only suffered bruises, but Omega Jones has broken bones. She's the co-worker who was carpooling with them.

Doctors are treating Jones, 39, at Methodist Hospital in North Oak Cliff. Reed said her colleague has already undergone surgery on her femur and her face.

"She didn't deserve that," White said. "My wife didn't deserve that. Nobody deserves that. Not even a dog!"

Both victims and Duncanville police are asking for the public's help in finding the hit-and-run driver.