'Unprecedented' Rangers crowd fills parking lots, frustrating some




Posted on April 6, 2012 at 6:18 PM

ARLINGTON - When the back-to-back American League champions' opening day is on a holiday, and it is a glorious, sunny day, parking becomes a major problem. The Texas Rangers said the crowd around the ballpark in Arlington Friday was unprecedented for any home opener.

"Parking was horrible!" said Devyn Hayley of Weatherford. "We drive around for an hour and a half looking for a place to park. We even have a season pass, and that was full."

Things were worse for David Long and Bryan Mathis. Mathis came to the game with a broken back.

"We got here an hour and a half early, and all the handicapped spaces were gone," Long said. "They pushed us out to to Lot B, then to Six Flags. We probably walked half a mile to get here."

Mathis said it wasn't good, but he was more upset he missed the flyover.

Rangers Spokesman John Blake said there were many reasons for the parking issues.

"We filled up really fast," he said. "We went over to Cowboys Stadium and filled two lots there, then two more half lots. Even 15 minutes after the game started, we opened up another lot."

"We had a lot of tailgaters, which is new for the Rangers," he continued. "Haven't had that, but it's a good sign. People want to come and enjoy being around the crowd, even without a ticket."

But that does eliminate parking for fans going inside.

"Six Flags is also open because it is a holiday, so we lost the parking over there," Blake added.

But Rangers fans were forgiving fans.

"We are inside and that is all that matters," Hayley said.

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