Uncut Commentary: Honest grading



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Posted on July 2, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Updated Saturday, Jul 3 at 6:31 PM

Your kids won a major court victory this week and you may not have known it - it's this week's Uncut Commentary.

Several Texas school districts had prohibited their teachers from giving zeroes to students, even if they didn't do the work. In some districts, a 50 was the minimum grade.

The reasoning: giving zeroes or anything like that, would discourage students - they might drop out.

A judge this week ruled no more!

Earn a zero, get a zero - that plain, that simple.

I have to agree with the judge.

I don't want to see young people discouraged from staying in school, working hard but in this case, the classroom ought to follow the ball field.

Coaches do not lie to players about poor performance. Want to start or stay on the team, you know what you have to do.

Lying to kids about their performance may be discouraging but it is also dishonest and cheats the students who earned their grade.


I understand a lot of teachers didn't care for the no zeroes policy. Imagine if that's how your boss conducted annual reviews.

You make mistakes or you come in late, your projects come in off the mark. Do you think your boss would do all she or he could to discourage you from quitting? No. Mess up enough and they'll show you the door.

We need to prepare our teenagers for life the way it will be for all of them.

We should give our students and our teachers every tool necessary to help kids succeed. Lying about performance should not be one of them.

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