Texas/OU weekend, DISD night combine for big police presence at State Fair



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Posted on October 12, 2012 at 10:54 PM

DALLAS -- Two huge events Friday night brought extra police officers to the State Fair of Texas.

For the first time anyone can recall, it was both DISD night and Texas-OU weekend.

"Sometimes [you see trouble at the fair,]" said DISD student Joel McCalister. "People fight a lot."

However the Dallas police came prepared. They brought out the SWAT team, gang unit, mounted patrol, helicopter and hundreds of officers.

"Our general concern is for public safety when you have thousands of people here all at one time," said Deputy Chief Malik Aziz.

Dallas police sources said dozens of kids were escorted out of the fair for causing problems. The kids taken out of the fair were taken to the MLK Recreation Center where there were more Dallas police officers. However, there were no reports of arrests as of 10 p.m. Friday.

Dallas ISD had 50 extra officers on hand to deal with trouble.

Aziz said DISD officers are used to dealing with the students and have a relationship with them, and that's helpful for DPD.

"They know police protocol, and it helps us make a better and safer State Fair," Aziz said. "And look out for the children who are coming to have a good time, along with the other citizens and tourist who come to town."

Dallas police said preparing for the fair is like preparing for any other major event, like the Super Bowl.

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